MythBox: Connection to mythtv host failed

The system setup:
MythTV backend running on a separate machine (e.g.
XBMC MythBox plugin running on a separate computer (e.g.

This error occurs during MythBox setup, stating the following after MySQL credentials are entered: Connection to mythtv host failed: (10061..

This can be a plain MySQL error, but it can also be an error where the MySQL connection is successful but MythBox is referred back to when it tries to connect (by settings on the mythtv backend system).

– Ensure that the MySQL user can connect remotely. To test this from another computer:

$ mysql -h -u mythtv -p

If not working, check MySQL permissions for the mythtv user (make sure the host field for the user is ‘%’) and look at my.cnf (find the file with `locate my.cnf`).

From the mythtv backend:
$ mysql -u root -p
mysql> use mysql;
mysql> select * from user where user = 'mythtv';

* If MySQL is working, ensure that the MythTV backend is setup properly.

Run mythtv-setup
Go General -> IP Address
Set both IP addresses to the external IP of the machine you are connecting to from XBMC (setting only Local Backend to an external address did not work).