Irssi with IRC Proxy on OpenWRT

Irssi has this nifty feature that allows you to proxy through the client. This isn’t installed by default, and is not configured in the Makefile.

This will be a sparse walkthrough, until I can flesh it out more later. I did modify the Makefile using –with-proxy, but this didn’t seem to work (the ipkg contained only the binary irssi and other sparse files).

In any case, requirements:
OpenWRT SDK, with Irssi package
Copy the following from the SDK directory:

cd openwrt/build_dir/mipsel/irssi-0.8.10/src/irc/proxy/.libs
scp * root@openwrt:/usr/lib/irssi/modules/

Starting irssi and performing /LOAD proxy showed the following:
Warning: Warning!! Password not specified, everyone can use this proxy! Use
/set irssiproxy_password to set it
Warning: No proxy ports specified. Use /SET irssiproxy_ports =
= … to set them.
03:08 -!- Irssi: Loaded module proxy/irc



3 responses to “Irssi with IRC Proxy on OpenWRT

  1. David


    im looking for how to build irc server in openwrt!!!

    now i can see it!


    im doing some project(at school..:-) ) to build irc server and make simple game

    can you give me some idea~? Thanks anyway~

    sincerily~ david cho

  2. ani

    i m doing a project using openwrt firmware. i installed it successfully and is working well at my home internet i.e can access any musical link on mpd/mpc.but this thing does not works in my university because the whole network of my university is running on a proxy server. in windows we do our proxy settings in internet explorer but what should i do to access internet in my uni on a proxy settings?
    is there any way around ? is there some thing to do in mpd/mpc to get an internet access?

  3. ladoga

    “OpenWRT SDK, with Irssi package.” I couldn’t locate one for mips (ar71xx) with irssi :(

    I also tried to cross compile proxy module, but failed miserably.

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