Enabling SSH keys on OpenWRT

Your SSH keys should go into /etc/dropbear, and not into ~/.ssh/.

More documentation here, including how to generate DSA public/private keys.

Update: Keep in mind that regular users you create (by editing /etc/passwd), have their ssh keys in their home directories.


Asking a question, on the Internet

Here are four steps to get your question answered:
Step 1: Ask your question.
Step 2: Disguise yourself as another person (taking all the necessary precautions to ensure you’re another person).
Step 3: Respond with the most off-beat, crazy, put-your-knife-in-that-live-electrical-outlet-its-ok answer possible.
Step 4: Watch as people scramble to go “NO! DON’T DO THAT! DO IT THIS WAY (the correct way)”

If that fails, well… search ze web?