Radrails goes to Aptana

I didn’t catch on to this earlier, but it looks like Radrails is going to Aptana. The Radrails site is down at the moment, but a cached copy on Google announced the news.

The posting dated 03/08/2007 announces the takeover by Aptana, and that Aptana has currently setup a forum for the transition.

Radrails was an IDE for Ruby on Rails with a foundation on Eclipse. It combined the ability to create an entire Ruby on Rails project, link it with a CVS/Subversion repository though Subclipse, and create Mongrel/Webrick instances with a few clicks.

Aptana currently features something similar for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; it’ll be interesting to see how this all turns out.

Aptana currently releases its own Web IDE under the Eclipse Public License, v1.0. A basic rundown of the Eclipse Public License is available on this Wikipedia entry.

Update: Radrails now redirects to an Aptana site. A notice was posted earlier stating that the move accidentally coincided with Radrails’ DNS servers going down at the same time. In any case, an archived version of the old site is still available and archived by Aptana. A roadmap of future development is also up, and the Radrails IDE is up for download once again.


2 responses to “Radrails goes to Aptana

  1. Sanika

    When will the radrail site be up? Any ideas ?

  2. anonemouse

    It will probably be down forever since the entire thing is moving to Aptana

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